Abi Higgins


Abi is inspired by the landscapes that surround her every day. The colour of the celadon glaze she makes to decorate her high fired work reflects the subtle colours of the moor, sea and sky. Her studio is in a barn attached to the old Mill house where she lives in Devon on the edge of Dartmoor.

Abi works in porcelain clay and throws her work on the wheel. She mixes her own glaze adding wood ash from her wood burning stove to the glaze, for a softer more organic celadon blue.

Abi continually develops her work exploring new approaches and ideas. More recently she has enjoyed working with the beautiful serendipitous process of Raku. The Raku pots are thrown using a mix of porcelain and raku clay, then turned and burnished to a high shine before decorating and firing. She finds the unpredictability of Raku firing creates a finished result that she finds very exciting, for her as the maker and more importantly, the onlooker.

Abi started pottery following a career as a dancer, then teacher of dance and exercise. She began with weekly pottery course, progressing to a one day a week apprentice position in a professional pottery alongside craft and design courses. In the main, she has taught herself through experiment and practice.