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Copper Wash Flashing

I have been experimenting with how to improve the colours I achieve with Copper Wash. The Technique is called Flashing. The colours appear when oxygen is re introduced to the copper wash 

Here are some of my new pots after I dug into the weeds of firing copper wash

In this video you will see a wheel barrow which is full of sand with two beds of sawdust and newspaper. I remove the pots from the kiln and place them on to the beds of sawdust and newspaper.

As the pots are set down the newspaper catches fire. I add more newspaper as I go. 

I then tip a bin, which has more paper inside it, over the top of the pots and seal it down into the sand. The paper over the pot burns away oxygen inside the bin. 

In this next video, the magic happens!

So after waiting a few minuets I lift the bin. By lifting the bin I break the seal and allow fresh oxygen in and the copper wash, that has been starved of oxygen shucks oxygen in and flashes beautiful colours. its magic!! Watch the pot under the left hand bin as I lift it.

I leave the pot under the bin after the flashing for about 25mins to cool off. 

I hope this video has been helpful. If you are thinking of trying it your self the best thing would be for you to come to one of my Workshops and learn all about it 

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